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A Treatise on the Data Market: Winner takes the most

4 min read In the post pandemic world, there were lots of lessons learned. Business operations and brand strategies were tested to the

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Data Analytics: Five use cases in telecom industry

4 min read The telecom industry has witnessed spectacular growth since its establishment in the 1830s.  Enabling distant communications, collaborations, and transactions globally,

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Resolve your remote working challenges with Mojo

4 min read Most organizations have implemented various remote working strategies to ensure that their employees continue their work per schedule in a


Launching RefreshData360: The automated data refresh solution

3 min read Data, data, everywhere. It’s the 21st century, and the business environment today is highly fluid. As soon as one thing


Happy Birthday to us. We’ve turned one!

2 min read is now a year old. Our first year into business has been a motley of successes, nerves, and encouragement.