Artificial Intelligence(AI) applications are revolutionizing all facets of life and work. The rapid advancement of ChatGPT and erasing objects on Google Photos indicate where AI’s future is heading. AI apps not only show the tendency of human intelligence but also try to mimic human behavior.

AI technology allows machines to reap the benefit of vast data and quickly execute small to complicated tasks. Offering an enriched experience to users with some fun features. These apps are used to save time and help make your work easier. 

Rule-based automation, machine learning, and natural language processing are frequently used in AI apps. Businesses continue to invest in AI to outperform the competition, increase productivity, and bridge the gaps. 

Let’s peek at some of the popular AI-powered apps that went viral in 2022!

1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is one of the most prominent AI-powered virtual assistants, deeply integrated with the Amazon ecosystem. It offers several innovative features such as natural voice interaction, helps in listening to podcasts, music, audiobooks, shopping, and more. 

You can also enable Alexa on your devices and smart appliances to interact with them and communicate with other Alexa users. In addition to real-time traffic updates and weather forecasts, the app also provides news and sports updates.

Organizations widely utilize Alexa to enhance employee productivity. For instance, the employees can start a conference call or meetings with voice commands. It allows you to join the meeting without remote control or to have to dial into the meeting. You can also send quick messages where the vice assistant will notify all participants in the meeting.

Alexa for businesses offers reminders to employees on important and upcoming events. You get access to many more features with Amazon echo, and you can check emails, manage your to-do lists, schedule meetings, and order office supplies while you’re getting the work done. 

2. Google Assistant

Google assistant

Google Assistant has been constantly in the top position in recent years. It can be used for several daily tasks, making it the most sophisticated virtual assistant. Google Assistant can help you find a nearby restaurant, play music, find helpful information, and even tell you jokes. 

It supports voice commands and text entries to make a to-do list, set up reminders, make appointments and translate in real-time. Moreover, it’s compatible with devices, smart electronics, and cars for hands-free control.

Businesses take advantage of google’s assistants to manage their operations effectively. Google Assistant offers a suite of powerful features that helps the team make the most of their working hours. Employees can manage tasks, which includes assigning tasks to multiple team members, or automating posts on apps like Trello, Slack, and Evernote. 

You can customize your actions on Google and set up processes matching your formal requirements. You can easily manage your team’s calendar, keep a close watch on activities by setting up reminders, call someone on your contact, and send a text message while your eyes and hands are occupied. 

3. ELSA Speak

ELSA speak - English learning app

ELSA Speak is an English learning app powered by artificial intelligence. It uses AI models to record the user’s speech and analyze the recording for a different benchmark to offer instant feedback. ELSA is used to practice short dialogues and sentences, improve vocabulary, and reduce accents. 

Confidence and effective communication play a huge role in a business setting. English being the most preferred language, professionals should establish a stronger flow to showcase their expertise. This allows companies to build client relations, avoid miscommunications, collaborate with global peers, and develop control of corporate English. 

The app provides a wide range of games to make the learning process fun, including challenges that can maintain user experiences across different user segments and aptitude levels. Businesses use Elsa Speak to boost effective communication across management levels and improve English proficiency among employees. 

The training programs include all key speaking skills, such as pronunciation, word stress, and intonation, ranging from business English to casual conversation. With more than 1.5 billion language learners, the app helps businesses increase employee engagement and confidence and improve business outcomes.

4. Cortana

Cortana AI virtual assistant

Cortana is an AI Virtual assistant from Microsoft. It was initially developed for windows but is now accessible across Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, and Xbox One. This AI app offers features to sync your Windows PC and smartphone to set up alerts, easily navigate the files, emails, and video clips, keep notes and manage your calendar hands-free. It answers questions with the Bing search engine and offers personalized recommendations for user queries. 

Cortana offers exclusive features to support business use cases as it works as a personal productivity assistant. Unlike other personal assistants, it provides enhanced privacy and security for business data. It helps you stay organized by keeping track of your schedule, joining online meetings in Microsoft Teams, and finding the information you need, such as the meaning of a word or people within your organization. Cortana can learn over time to attend to more complex tasks. 

5. Fyle

Fyle - expense tracking AI application

Fyle is an AI-powered expense-tracking application. The applications offer a handful of intuitive features and integrations that can support entire expense management reporting for your business. The app offers real-time data extraction, expense reporting, travel request, corporate card tracking, workflow approvals, and accurate analytics. Flye is used by companies with high-expense policies wishing to reduce time and costs and enhance control over their employees’ spending. 

You can also enforce report compliance and make faster employee reimbursement by building your actions within the app. You can easily integrate your G Suite and Microsoft Office accounts with Fyle. Importing and exporting expenses are effortless with a Fyle-Xero integration. The expenses are permanently stored in Xero and used solely for accounting purposes once exported. 

The machine learning algorithms used by Fyle make invoices readable, searchable, and processable and flag suspicious ones. The attached invoice automatically captures information such as amount, merchant name, category, and merchant name. Fyle is a better way to track spending if you’ve spent most of your time completing forms and spreadsheets.

The app offers seamless tracking via travel management, HRMS, accounting, and ERP software. A Google chrome extension also allows users to report expenses from email receipts with a click, making the work much easier for your employees and your finance team. 

6. Frase

Frase - AI research tool for business

Frase is an AI-powered tool used by SEOs, content marketers, and growth marketers. This software offers an AI chatbot that can help navigate and provide answers to curious and puzzled website visitors by immediately curating a solution to their questions from the existing content on your website. 

Frase can help develop content plans and briefs based on the target keywords. It allows the users to review the information found on various SEO factors such as the Average word count of articles that rank well and questions that appear on People also ask, forums, and other websites. It can also write an entire paragraph based on your inputs, and if you need an extra hand to complete your sentences, Frase can quickly become your handy writing partner. 

Finding relevant stats for your content can be time-consuming; Frase can take up the work for you and find the sources, bringing you the list of authoritative external links you may want to consider. Frase is a fully functioning research assistant, helping you save time and make well-researched, high-quality articles in minutes. 

By connecting your Google search console data, the app can add actionable insights on pages where rankings start to sink and cluster your keywords to inform your content strategy process. 


Undoubtedly, AI benefits organizations and people, but it has changed how businesses can fill in gaps, provide value, and drive revenue from data sets. The inclusion of AI apps can be beneficial for your business in unique ways. With the growing popularity of remote working, these apps can help your team skyrocket its productivity. 

Businesses incorporating AI realize more potential to scale their products and services as the technology matures. So, it is high time to maintain your data quality and explore engaging AI-powered platforms that can upgrade your business operations. 

The rising demand for AI-based applications and evolving advancements open endless opportunities for companies to build customer relationships and transform data operations. To enrich your data quality, you’d need the right partner to see a significant change in your business and effectively manage your data with AI. Try Xtract to fuel your AI-powered data management and discover the hidden value of your business data with us today!


Asmitha is a Content Marketing Specialist. She helps businesses leverage content and storytelling to build a compelling online presence. She enjoys traveling and hanging out at libraries when she is not at work.

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