Data, data, everywhere. It’s the 21st century, and the business environment today is highly fluid. As soon as one thing moves, everything else shifts to adapt. This is critical for business owners to understand because the world as we know it is changing, and unless organizations have fresh, real-time data, they can’t predict the changes that the future brings. 

Not having the right data can seriously hinder your business from being truly agile. Well, Gartner captures it perfectly, “The average financial impact of poor data quality on organizations is $9.7 million per year.” Still thinking of a reason? 

Here’s a new solution to ease this task

Our latest launch, RefreshData360, an automated refresh solution, enables you to keep your data fresh and alive. Our solution monitors and refreshes data to meet your business needs anytime. By renewing and refreshing data, RefreshData360 ensures that users are accessing the right information from the right source.

Do you know that different organizations store data in different ways? Yes, it’s true. See how it’s done. Data is stored in private and public clouds and on-premises. Organizations face difficulty in getting the right insight from large data collections, identifying the right data, removing duplicates, data migration, and validation in maintaining the fresh data.

If your company uses outdated data, now is the time to wake up to the new reality – your business can’t afford to fail in renewing the data regularly. Having fresh data unlocks new capabilities for driving increased impact. At, we’ve been a key industry player in hybrid data management, data integration, and analytics. 

How RefreshData360 benefits CRM

We carry out CRM data updates easily through the process of discovering, tracking, and analyzing the right data from a pool of information. Our solution facilitates the users to access fresh and updated data by gathering the required information through Excel sheets or directly from any CRM database. 

Also, RefreshData360 makes incomplete data into complete, usable data by adding missing information aggregated from authentic sources. This journey is smooth, right? We can make it easy and comfortable for you to have organized and accurate data. 

How online info providers profit by RefreshData360

Info providers have data challenges on multiple fronts every day, which needs to keep changing frequently to the market demand. They have the pressure of providing the right information in a fast-paced world on various businesses that get frequently updated.

Here is where the web change monitoring bots in RefreshData360 come to action. We crawl and extract accurate information from various online sources with information on local businesses, industrial information, government repositories, and other user-generated content.

Our automated workflows ensure that you keep track of changes and advances made in any field or business that keep the data alive and engaging. Check out here on how we helped one of our customers in the past.

Refresh your databases in a jiffy

RefreshData360 maintains consistency by monitoring the sources for changes and new updates in your databases with secure access. Through the deduplication process, it fixes the errors in your existing database. Clean and fresh data is made available in any preferred formats like JSON, XLS, and added to your system through custom-built APIs. Still, having second thoughts? 

Grow with Refreshdata360

We help you achieve your business needs and enhance sales efficiency with fresh data at your disposal. RefreshData360 offers a customizable hybrid solution providing both AI/ML automation and human validation to ensure accurate and quick data refresh.

You can also build scalable solutions with our bot library, which includes WCM, translation, and data extraction bots, that monitor the data changes and extract valid data from any number of sources.

Uh-oh! Too much information? Don’t worry; RefreshData360 is a simple but advanced tool. Request a demo here and check out how it works.

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