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Web scraping tools

Top 5 web scraping tools to help all your data needs

3 min read It’s no secret that COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation, and companies and industries are shifting all their focus towards digital


A Treatise on the Data Market: Winner takes the most

4 min read In the post pandemic world, there were lots of lessons learned. Business operations and brand strategies were tested to the


The insider’s guide to process automation from

3 min read Research says that despite the economic pressure by the global pandemic COVID-19, there is a high expectancy in the growth


6 Elements For Your Data-Driven Business Growth In 2020

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7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Business with Business Intelligence Software

5 min read Your business has data in every nook and cranny–in your software, in your mobile devices, and even in your IoT


4 Starting Points for Digital Business Transformation

2 min read Here’s a hard truth about digital transformations: Many are failing. Organizations fail because they build an analog mindset into digital.


3 Simple solutions to manage your in-house web data operation challenges

3 min read Not very long ago, the collective thinking of the time was to license tools and maintain in-house web data extraction


Get on board the Digital Transformation Ship with data-backed strategy

10 min read Mathias Döpfner was restless. He was appointed as the CEO of the 70-year-old publishing house – Axel Springer in 2002