Xtract.io is now a year old. Our first year into business has been a motley of successes, nerves, and encouragement. Our stride so far has made us believe in the value of retrospects in businesses. Looking back can only drive us forward.  

Having started from a very modest and low-key launch, Xtract.io now provides enterprise-ready data solutions to global organizations across various industries. With over 5 Billion records extracted and 300K+requests every day, we’ve helped businesses across diverse industries shape, grow, and pivot to the changing times. Beyond the awards and the recognition, it’s the customers that we’ve served get transformed to the data-driven arena of 21st-century business that we’re truly proud of.  

One year message from Karthik Karunakaran, CEO, Mobius Knowledge Services & Xtract.io

When we look back, the fundamental realization of changing trends in the data management business served as the motivation to birth Xtract.io. The first few months, as with all things fresh, were slow and ponderous. But as the weeks rolled by, we quickly discovered our pace and clicked with our clients and what they wanted.  We began growing and learning more. Of course, unlearning a lot more.

So, what has been our biggest strength? 

Well, if a business doesn’t have the right team, it chokes up. With a bunch of amazing people, who are proficient at solving data challenges, we are able to pull through our first year with grace and gratitude. 

To put it short, It’s our people who have proved to be our most valuable asset. 

As with all milestones, the next inevitable question is: What are the plans for the next year? ? We’ll continue to do the amazing work and have more innovative data solutions in the pipeline for the year ahead, and we’re excited about the values we’re gearing up to deliver. You can check our couple of new solutions for media monitoring, refreshing data, remote working, and business intelligence.

Wrapping up,  the real question ahead of us isn’t about what the next year brings for us but what we’re bringing to the next year and we’re all game. 🙂


Balakarthiga is a marketer and tech optimist. She believes in data-driven business decisions and believes in using marketing as a powerful tool in driving the business forward. She is also an avid blogger, a published author, and a budding market research enthusiast.

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