Most organizations have implemented various remote working strategies to ensure that their employees continue their work per schedule in a safe environment. 

But, remote working is not the same for all. Working outside the office with a change in working hours, distractions at home, not keeping track of the tasks, putting much manual effort, and more can directly impact their productivity.

Studies show that about 85% of US employees are away from the office, and productivity has dropped by 14%. 

People cannot control things happening around them that cause distraction, but they can definitely maintain their productivity. 

But how? Do we have a solution for this?

Yes, Business Workflow Automation. Productivity can get reduced in the absence of efficient workflow automation, which plays an integral role in the business process. 

Let’s see how workflow automation helps overcome productivity challenges with remote work.

What and Why Workflow Automation?

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates.

Workflow automation is a series of organized and automated actions to execute the predefined business processes. An efficient workflow automation tool can improve the business efficiency and achieve the desired output from a task.

Employees prefer workflow automation to implement better business processes and reduce human errors in the work. The automated workflow role can vary from various levels – Finance, Marketing, Sales, etc.

‘Quality of work” is something that no organization compromises on.

The best outcome requires much input with a series of hand-in-hand tasks, which requires time, energy, and cost. Efficient workflow automation can help any business to produce the best and achieve the goal. 

Workflow automation can liberate all the working challenges, boost productivity, transform your business, and take your business to the next level. With an efficient business automation workflow, we can expect the following:

  • Manage, optimize, and automate tasks.
  • Cost-saving(due to increased productivity)
  • Improvement in employee satisfaction
  • Replace manual effort

Now, let us dive through the challenges faced by remote workers with the lack of workflow automation.

1. Productivity Rate:  Productivity gets affected when an employee cannot keep track of his/her tasks. Failing to keep an update with assigned tasks can increase the risk of missing the priority ones. 

Collection and analysis of large data sets(structured and unstructured), interpretation of the data, determining the correct dataset, data entry, and other data-related tasks are time-consuming and require significant input. There is also a high risk of committing mistakes in such tasks.

Business workflow automation tools help the employees track their tasks to put the desired goal’s required input. Employees can also get error-free outputs with business workflow automation tools with machine learning (ML) models and specially customized bots to automate the employees’ data-related tasks that consume time and energy. 

Unique bots are in-built to carry out scraping, identifying, processing, and delivering the required outcome with high accuracy. Studies show that businesses that have implemented automated workflows have increased productivity by 12% to 15%.

2. Reduces Manual effort: Certain tasks require much manual effort and time for your employees, leading to loss of interest, productivity, and inaccurate output.

For example, data aggregation and data review tasks need human intervention that might take long hours to get done. In such cases, the employees cannot promise and produce an error-free output.

A business workflow automation tool with an in-built ML attribute can check the already existing data and provide 80% accuracy. Therefore, instead of reviewing just one dataset per day, employees can automate and get two or more datasets with high accuracy, increasing productivity by 50%. 

Hence by reducing the human effort, the entire process becomes more comfortable, simple, saves cost and time, and most importantly, reduces human error risk and produces a quality outcome.

3. Workflow Process: A workflow process essentially involves a series of tasks that need to be accomplished chronologically or linearly to achieve any discussed outcome. 

Employees often forget to define business goals and not focus on the essential tasks, hence reducing productivity. It is true that in the absence of a laid-out workflow, productivity and efficiency get compromised. Therefore, the employees’ chances of active work and delivering error-free results are relatively less. 

Using efficient automated workflow solutions, employees can reduce the work time and automate business workflows to boost productivity. Simultaneously, tasks that require unique skill sets can be easily assigned to respective individuals in an organization for efficiency and productivity.

Streamline the whole business process, make workflow processes flexible, define business goals, and enhance productivity with a workflow automation platform. Hence, transform your business from traditional to the automated mode. 

How can we help you overcome remote work challenges?

Mojo, our powerful workflow automation platform, enables you with seamless business operations continuity from anywhere in the world. Increase your work productivity with workflow automation tools and provide a secure remote working atmosphere. 

Most importantly, Mojo helps in managing workflows and uses Artificial Intelligence to automate complex human-decision based processes.

Re-engineer your remote working place with Mojo that addresses every employees’ unique working requirements and needs. Boost your workflow and productivity level up to 60% with the power of ML that replaces time and human effort by 80%. 

We assure you of a hack-proof environment where all your valuable and sensitive data or information stays within your organization. Make your remote-working a productive, secure, and satisfying experience through our Mojo Remote Working solution.

Are you interested in knowing more about our solution? Request a demo here and check how it works. 


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