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How Recruiters can use Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment

< 1 min read Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that’s getting more and more attention every year. Intelligent and self-learning programs are

How is AI changing real estate lease abstraction?

4 min read Real Estate is one of the largest economies in the world that involves a lot of data and customer handling.

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How can Artificial Intelligence simplify financial risk assessment?

4 min read Today, AI has become an integral part of almost all industries like healthcare, real estate, logistics and transportation, manufacturing, and


Data science vs. Data analytics – Not the same

3 min read Data has become a part of our everyday lives. Simply put, we consume, create, and capture tons of data every

grow your business Top 5 Blogs of 2020 To Grow Your Business

3 min read At, we are motivated by a passion for technology. We are huge fans of artificial intelligence, and we share

build brand reputation

Handle PR crisis with Uptime

5 min read “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll

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Data annotators: The real heroes of the Artificial Intelligence era

4 min read Data – Isn’t that all we need? In the past decades, we have seen many improvements in Artificial Intelligence (AI),


The insider’s guide to process automation from

3 min read Research says that despite the economic pressure by the global pandemic COVID-19, there is a high expectancy in the growth


Uptime: Managing brand mentions made easy

4 min read As a Brand Manager, your responsibilities are aplenty. Social media monitoring, managing your various social profiles, handling your marketing campaigns,

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Five steps to get maximum insights from unstructured data extraction

5 min read A business’s success largely depends on how well-informed its decisions are. As a business owner, you must be receiving a