We’ve almost finished the year, getting all prepped to welcome the amazing new year soon. It’s time to let the year go and release our accomplishments, challenges, and learnings. Xtract.io has completed 3 years of its inception, and with every year, we are growing bigger and stronger. Our data technology has consistently been aiming to help customers make strategic business decisions. Our AI and ML technologies tremendously replace human effort in data extraction, refining, and many more tasks. 

With a vision in our plan, this year, we sailed smoothly. Of course, we did have our own challenges, but with a great team, customers, and advanced technology, we are happy today to look back. So, here we begin with a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new year. But before that, let’s look at all the changes and recognitions we have collected over the past year. 

We did a beautiful makeover

With the start of the new year, we wanted to transform our new vibes and energy into action. We did a beautiful makeover of our website, as seen below.

We redesigned our website to make it more user-friendly and easily accessible. Our objective was to give significant importance to all our services; hence, we positioned it all upfront on the same platter. 

We met new interesting people

One of the most amazing successes we achieved this year was meeting many people who expressed keen interest in us and our solutions. Our total traffic increased by 110% compared to last year. We have also been expanding our clientele base by 15%, compared to last year, with new use cases and solutions.

Xtract.io assisted energy recovery device manufacturers by providing retail POIs in the US to replace polluting hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with cost-effective carbon-di-oxide (Co2) refrigeration systems.

Xtract.io supported a petrochemical company with real-time data anomaly detection and supply chain optimization. We helped them refine their existing data ecosystem and introduce a customer loyalty program.

Xtract.io automated the aggregation of live flight data and airport gate information of 80K flights in a month. We helped the client mitigate flight disruptions and alert travelers of cancellations.

Oh, while we met people outside our office in the form of our customers and prospects, we welcomed many new team members within the office. Highly-spirited interns, social-savvy branding experts, product and content marketers, creative designers, and many more to the team. In short, we are glad to be expanding our Xtract.io family this year!

We created exciting and award-winning stories

2022 started off on a nice note for us as we were globally awarded as Contributor of the Year for the categories Data Science and Data Analytics by a technology publishing platform Hackernoon. Read our winning interview and blogs to learn more about it. 

Apart from these winning blogs, our writers shared information on how data is the new gold rush and how businesses must know why and how to leverage the huge amount of data available around them. Check out our top interesting blogs liked by our users.

Enabling distant communications, collaborations, and transactions globally, telecommunication plays a significant role in making our lives more convenient and easier. This blog elucidates the major use cases of data analytics in the telecom industry. 

How many applications in your phone use location information? Amazon, Swiggy, Uber, Weather forecast, and many more, right? This interesting blog curates 5 such applications built on location-based technologies and went viral in a blink of an eye. 

More than 26.5% of businesses have adopted a data-driven culture. Every major decision is made after careful analysis of precise data. We help you with data quality management that can drive your business forward with valid and accurate data. 

We let our visuals speak more than words

This year we created informative and engaging videos on various topics that piqued our user’s interest. We developed videos highlighting the importance of location data to make geographically driven business decisions using our location database, LocationsXYZ. With the launch of Freda, our robust data quality platform, we summarized our platform features and benefits in this video.

Here’s one more video to power innovation in the organization with a code-free drag-and-drop platform, XDAS.

We worked virtually…and happily!

We continued to work from home this year as well, but this time we became stronger. Having gotten used to everybody’s timelines and managing schedules during the Covid times helped us to work smoothly with each other, finish the deliverables on time, and celebrate every small milestone. All of this with a perfect work-life balance!

Xtract.io is always geared up with solutions such as business intelligence, location analytics, data management, and many more that help businesses scale and make strategic business decisions. With 2022 wrapping up with learnings, achievements, and growth, we are excited to welcome 2023 with new challenges, innovations, and solutions. Until then, see you all next year!


Varsha is a Content Marketer. She is passionate about writing, and adds a pinch of her OCD to her writing style. Apart from writing, you can find her doodling mandala art or reading a book with a cuppa of coffee.

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