We are happy to announce that we are recognized as a leading business intelligence platform by CompareCamp and have received two awards – the Rising Star and the Great User Experience Award

With two decades of expertise in data intelligence, we have built a wide range of products and solutions to enable enterprises across industries to leverage on data-based business insights. 

The Great User Experience Award

We offer custom solutions, tools, and platforms that are powered by AI, ML, and NLP technologies. These platforms are thoughtfully designed with meticulous attention to user experience. With flexible, scalable, and adaptable features, these tools come with user-friendly dashboards and reports. These platforms are intuitive and fully customizable to meet the unique needs of various businesses. 

We are glad to receive the ‘Great User Experience Award’ from CompareCamp as an acknowledgment for delivering data solutions that are rich in user experience.

The Rising Star Award

There is plenty of information available on the internet in the form of data, images, PDFs, text files, public reviews, log files, etc . Xtract.io plays a pivotal role in delivering impactful business insights from these complex data sources.  

We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and strive to deliver unique answers for every new client. The intuitive user-interface, power-packed automation, and easily accessible features are the highlights of our solutions.

We are thankful to CompareCamp for honoring us with The Rising Star award for serving more than 12 industries with stellar services and offering best-in-class solutions.  We have covered over 100 Million data sources and helped numerous clients to maximize their capabilities by making the best utilization of data. 

How Xtract.io solutions can help your business?

Our varied solutions include data aggregation services, POI data, unstructured data extraction, and location intelligence services. 

The raw data available both within the company and on the internet is almost always unstructured and complex. Our unstructured data aggregation solutions assist you to attain mission-critical information from multiple sources like PDFs, internet, emails, systems, etc.

Our points of interest (POI) database helps you get significant details like address, city, state, etc, with 3 million locations from 3,000 plus businesses across 100 industries. We help you keep your data up-to-date and accurate as we refresh them every 30-60-90 days. We also cater to your on-demand data extraction requests in the shortest turnaround time. 

With our location intelligence solutions, we enable you to identify location-based trends and patterns to get a clear vision of possibilities for expansion.  Our location analytics uncovers your competition, points store clusters, probes sales potential, and increases your customer engagement. 

We provide data aggregation solutions that help you cleanse volumes of data and infuse the right one with context into your business. With our ability to crawl thousands of data sources, we extract, aggregate, categorize, and label the data and enrich your data accuracy. 

About CompareCamp 

CompareCamp is one of the reputed review websites for SaaS products and B2B services. It has a wide range of followers. It caters to numerous businesses and industries with the right reviews that guide them to make informed calls. 

The full review of Xtract.io tools and features can be accessed at CompareCamp.com


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