Data augments human aptitude by enabling rational decision-making. Now, as someone who is from the sales or marketing background, you don’t need me to say how significant data can be for all your efforts. 

For your marketing and sales campaigns to be successful, just having a behemoth of data at your disposal is not going to help you convert. 

There’s more to it.

B2B firms are not confident in the quality of their data

Data hygiene is critical to sales and marketing success. If you fail to run a health check on it, it will result in unqualified leads, personalization efforts with no direction, wrong insights from analytics, and more.

Sales and marketing in the present day are moving towards hyper-personalization. B2B sellers are targeting B2B buyers based on several data points like geography, online activity, the size of the company, industry vertical, job titles, etc. 

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The current state of data quality

In a recent survey by DNB, it was found that more than half of the respondents were confident about the quality of their data which is a 24% drop as against the prior year where the confidence level was 75%.

So, close to 50% of respondents were not confident and a big dip in the number of people who are confident about the quality of data is a clear indication of the growing issue of quality in data.

Where to begin?

As for the data deluge is concerned, it is quite overwhelming to understand how to take the next step.


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