Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that’s getting more and more attention every year. Intelligent and self-learning programs are being used for developing software and many other areas of IT. Although AI is still far from human cognitive abilities, many intelligent apps now learn and make difficult and intelligent decisions.

Process automation is possible due to AI’s ability to analyze large volumes of data and quickly evaluate available options. AI technologies are being widely used in IT as well as in marketing and development. 

It’s not a surprise that some companies are using (and others are learning to use) artificial intelligence solutions in recruitment. Companies are using AI to automate the recruiting process and to discover new ways of hiring talent. 

What is AI for recruitment?

While AI has been in the talks for a long now, the role of AI in recruitment is still new for many companies. AI is the latest trend in the recruitment industry, and it’s certainly something that you shouldn’t shy away from.

AI technologies can allow recruiters to complete unified profiles from large unstructured data sets, matching skill sets required for a specific job with the candidates’ job profiles.

There are many other examples of the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment. To provide you with a picture: AI can help with sourcing, pre-selection, and onboarding parts of your hiring task. Let’s see a few examples of how AI can benefit recruiters.

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