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To empower organizations to embrace data abundance to achieve their business goals, we set foot in 2020. And as we begin a new year, we thought we would share a glimpse of some critical tech developments that happened over the last year with you. 

We have carefully curated the top 5 blogs from that will give you an in-depth insight into the wonderful world of AI and help you grow your business by implementing latest advancements.

Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chains

During the first quarter of 2020, we witnessed a global impact of COVID-19 on the world economy, and none of us can anticipate what would happen in the first quarter of 2021.

With numerous forecasts on how the global recession would impact the market in 2020, companies and businesses started resorting to best practices to reduce the impact of the obstructed supply chain. 

Bearing in mind the Coronavirus’s impact on businesses and their earnings, we studied how disruption in demand patterns, trade restrictions, geographical limitations, and fear among people affected the global economy. 

In conclusion, we realized that a considerable portion of the impact could be credited to the complicated supply chain models. If you want to learn more about how to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your supply chains and earnings, then you need to start by gathering correct, relevant information.

Artificial Intelligence & Business Productivity

It is no surprise that Artificial Intelligence is gaining popularity, and businesses are learning to integrate AI into legacy information and communications systems. Research shows that almost 50 percent of companies have already incorporated some AI tools into their standard processes.

Another study by Accenture suggests that by 2035, Artificial Intelligence would have increased productivity by 40 percent. To explain how AI can be beneficial in business productivity, we created this elaborate content that describes how AI is improving business productivity worldwide.

Media Monitoring made easy

With the ever-evolving market and work environment, businesses feel the urgency to connect with their customers now more than ever. It is crucial for businesses to be aware of what their competitors are up to and what their customers are looking for in terms of products and services. 

This is where media monitoring proves to be useful to keep track of your topics of interest or the news surrounding your industry. And, if you have used something like Google Alerts or any other media monitoring tool, you will agree that such tools aren’t really helpful. They don’t provide you curated, relevant information, nor do they provide brand mentions.

Keeping these challenges in mind, came up with an intuitive media monitoring tool, Uptime, that brings you curated contextual data for strategic decision making.

With Uptime, you can streamline relevant data with information extracted from over 400,000 internet sources, including your brand’s mentions and public reactions. Learn more about Uptime – an intuitive media monitoring solution.

Fuel your Ecommerce business

Due to COVID-19 Ecommerce platforms are experiencing a massive surge in customers, we expect it to continue even when the world regains its sanity. This means that the competition is more challenging than ever. It does not matter what you have to offer your customers as they have limitless online platforms to choose from. The question is, how your online business will sustain such competition?

You can gain an advantage over competitors by implementing intelligent product pricing, multi-channel data consistency, product content optimization, product visibility, and a positive brand reputation. This might sound too much, but it works! 

All you need is an Ecommerce digital shelf analytics platform like DigiSense360 to monitor and manage your digital shelf. Read more on monitoring your digital shelf and know what aspects matter to drive sales, profit, and growth.

Be the best performing brand on Amazon

As we mentioned above, the pandemic has resulted in a significant customer shift towards online ecommerce stores. This has led to the emergence of new players in the marketplace, making sellers’ competition even more challenging.

Amazon has seen a 50-60% increase in listings ever since the onset of the pandemic, and although it can be considered an opportunity to drive sales, the question remains HOW? How do sellers make the most out of this?

Well, you could start by improvising and optimizing your products’ Amazon listing. With SEOShelf, you can monitor your products on Amazon. This Amazon listing optimization tool will help you win the best spot in the marketplace while ensuring your consistency. Learn how you can stay undefeated on Amazon with SEOShelf.

Thank you for your ever-lasting support. We look forward to your continued interest and support in 2021. We aspire to deliver more information about business intelligence, eCommerce, data extraction, ORM, and much more throughout the year. If you find that any of this information interests you, you can visit our homepage and browse through the solutions and platforms we offer.


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