Wow. We are two years old already. 25th July marked our second anniversary, and we could not be more proud to have made it this far. Although our journey during the first year had it all, we are grateful for the success and motivation this year. was established with only one mission – to empower businesses through data transformation. And we are glad that we have stayed on course for the last two years and aspire to continue. In the previous two years, we have expanded our data services across 12+ different industries and successfully helped numerous businesses in their data journey.

Let’s take a breather and look back.

From having a decent number of customers to working with hundreds of enterprises across the globe, it’s been an educational journey for us too. We have come to realize how important data transformation is for businesses now more than ever. To facilitate our customers with their unique data requirements, we extract 5+ billion records from 100+ sources monthly. 

With 300K+ requests every day, we would be lying if we said it wasn’t a bit challenging catering to unique business requirements. But, our extensive team of data engineers has helped us build scalable and customizable solutions to serve diverse data needs. Our robust platforms and solutions have paved the way for us to partner with some of the most popular and eminent brands across industries.

At, we all believe in one thing, and that is “our success equals happy customers”. And we suppose that is the reason why we have been able to work with some great companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startups. Our ability to understand present-day industry challenges sets us apart and has helped us get where we are today. 

You can sneak a peek into our Top 5 blogs from 2020, curated to help grow your business by leveraging the relevant solution for different data-specific needs.

What have we been up to since 2020?

Looking back, it feels like we have come a long way. 2020 was a year of development and recognition for us. We built and launched some of our best, industry-specific solutions. To name a few, we designed BuzzSense, a one-stop solution for the brand reputation that helps businesses take control of their online brand mentions. Another distinctive addition was MOJO, our workflow automation and unstructured document management platform that automates manual tasks to help increase productivity. 

Of course, none of our achievements would have been possible without our brilliant team. 

Our team is our biggest strength.

The secret of our success is nothing else but our qualified and dedicated team. With more than a thousand employees and growing, is grateful to have amazing people focused on solving data-related business problems. Our team operates on a customer-first approach, and we would like to continue our path to enable businesses to reach, even exceed, their growth potential.

How is our team surviving the challenges associated with the pandemic?

We were just one when the pandemic hit and changed the way businesses operate. Like most of you, we thought we would be back in the office within a couple of weeks after the first lockdown was announced. Little did we know that we would actually end up working from home for the entire year. 

We won’t lie; transitioning to working from home wasn’t easy. To ensure the safety of all our employees, our IT and management team provided support and confirmed that our team has everything they need to function smoothly. Our team has shown extreme commitment and support towards and its customers. 

Now, where are we headed?

Well, we believe that we have a long way to go. We plan to continue extending our support to all small and big businesses with their data transformation journey. As the industry landscapes keep changing frequently, we want to ensure that we understand and develop relevant solutions and platforms for our customers to drive their growth and revenue. 

Aren’t you excited about what’s going to be in store for next year? Well, you can catch updates on what’s new with us here. Also, do check out some of our challenge-centric solutions.


Shruti is a content creator who specializes in content research, content writing, and development. When not writing, she's either busy reading and appreciating a good book or volunteering at an animal shelter.

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