Coding is a prerequisite for successful business models.

I recently stumbled upon this answer by Alexandre Robicquet on Quora which was also published on Forbes. For a beginner who’s looking for the most sensible advice on 

“How can I start learning about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence”, here’s what he says:

A condensed version of his perspective:

  • Master coding, particularly python that is most ideal for machine learning. In addition to coding expertise, you should have good analytical and statistical skills.
  • For starters, you can begin by cloning codes from git repositories or tutorials. But, to become a sound ML/AI engineer, you must know and own what you’re doing.
  • Do not invent a solution and hunt for the problem. Instead, identify the problems and challenges to invent an automated solution.

(You may read his answer here).

But, that’s not it. 

If you’re a coding nerd, double-check the quality and structure of data you feed into your algorithms as they play a huge role in inventing a successful analytical model. 

There are 3 dimensions to building a successful AI/ML model:

Algorithms, data, and computation.

Creating accurate algorithms and applying computational skills is a part of the whole process, but, what is foundational to this?

Lay the groundwork with the right data.

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