Ever since Amazon launched its marketplace in 2000, there has been no looking back when we talk about the number of businesses Amazon has reshaped. Ranging from small businesses to large chains, the platform has definitely provided speed to the ecommerce industry. 

With more than 2 million sellers doing progressive business in Amazon, the ecommerce platform made a net profit of $386 billion in the last year, 2020. What’s more surprising is that Amazon has roughly about 1.9 million active sellers, which is incredible, but it also means that the competition among sellers is growing.  

While getting products listed on Amazon platform is a strategic approach, understanding Amazon SEO guidelines and its A10 search engine algorithm becomes crucial.

Entrepreneurs who have a clear understanding of how Amazon SEO works can leverage the Amazon SEO strategy to sell their products lightning fast. So, let’s understand  Amazon SEO  and how the algorithm works.

What does Amazon SEO mean?

Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing keywords, images, and content of your product listing to rank higher in Amazon search results for suitable keywords. 

Unlike Google, Amazon has its own search engine algorithm that continuously analyses the customer’s search queries to provide accurate search results and positions the products that are more likely to be purchased. 

The Amazon SEO ranking factor mainly focuses on product quality and amazon keyword optimization infused within the product web page. This means Amazon product listing optimization has less complexity but remember, other than the two factors mentioned above; your sales performance has a strong influence on ranking.

So, how can you improve your sales? Optimizing the product web page with keywords that are more relevant to the customer intended queries can lead to an increase in sales. 

Importance of Amazon SEO

Listing products on a crowded marketplace like Amazon can be challenging. Your product may or may not get ranked in a deserving category even though it encloses the top relevant keywords and well-structured product description.

In order to provide profitable and competitive platform experience to the sellers, Amazon has laid out specific guidelines to be followed while listing products on their website.

Being ranked on the first page is always the best choice for sellers to get high sales as very few customers scroll down to the next pages. 

How does Amazon Search Result work? 

Amazon product result page

Amazon has a unique way of categorizing products and providing a comprehensive user experience to the buyers.

The products are either listed or viewed in gallery mode. This customizable view option makes product filtering easy based on category and delivers a quick preview of each product.

Also, the filter attribute values help in redefining the purchase of the product based on size, color, seller rating, reviews, etc.,

Sponsored Products

Like Google, where ads are getting displayed at the top or bottom of the search result page, Amazon allows the sellers to run sponsored ads for their products on the platform.

Tailoring sponsored ads in addition to organic advertising can have a significant impact on product reach, click-through rate and conversion. Choosing the right keywords and allocating a competitive budget for the campaign in Amazon can automatically pitch your ads to the targeted audience.


Keywords are the words or phrases that the buyers or customers often type in the search box to find a product.

What if you don’t add the right keyword into your product data?

  • Your product may or may not be listed 
  • Sales conversion rate get lower
  • Product discoverability becomes challenging

For example, if a customer types “water bottle,” the search result includes every product containing the keyword in its title. This keyword is a broad search. But the actual product the customer may be expecting could be a  “steel water bottle.” 

Thanks to Amazon’s A10 algorithm, it can intellectually understand a customer’s search query from previous experiences. In other words, it provides an “auto suggestion engine” just like in Google.

Hence, adding specific keywords to the product title and details  could make the product discoverability much easier for your customers.

Where can Amazon SEO optimization take place?

Product Title

Remember to include the latest and high search volume keyword when you create the product title. How can you find the most relevant keywords? This can be achieved by analyzing your competitors’ products and considering the suggested keywords in Amazon search.

Sellers need to frame their product title in a way that it enhances the click-through rate of the product. 

Product title is well optimized if it includes the following:

  • Brand name
  • Product category name/components/specification
  • Color and size of the product
Brand Name

If your brand is already popular and has a strong customer base, specifying the brand name in the product title can have a positive impact on the conversion rate. In short, your well established brand can drive your sales. But remember to spell check your brand and product name before uploading into the platform.

Other Keywords

What if you want to add more keywords to your product title but you have already exceeded the word limit? Don’t worry. Amazon provides a slot for adding extra keywords at the backend in every seller account. These keywords act as hidden search terms.

Note: Amazon has a 200-character limit for product titles. Hence, adding the most relevant keywords would be a wise choice.

Product Description

Product description is another section where you can add keywords but, refrain from stuffing too many keywords. A detailed and well-organized product description can help your customers arrive at a decision and reduce the bounce rate.

So, how should an ideal product description be?

  • Keep your product description short and include keywords that you could not use in the title.
  • Highlight the product USPs or component specification in bullet points
  • Research on your competitor descriptions and try to include the critical points in your description.


Amazon SEO may sound complicated and challenging at first. However, a proper understanding and implementation of Amazon SEO strategy would boost your product ranking and help grow your online business multifold. Although, optimizing your product listings is important, the entire process of identifying the right keywords and infusing them in your content can be a laborious task.

With Amazon Marketplace SEO, an Amazon product optimization service, you can improve your product listings smoothly. Grow your sales, gain better visibility, get better rankings, and increase conversions on Amazon. 


Praiselin is an SEO Content Writer. She is a passionate learner with a knack for technology. She's a movie buff, and an ardent nature lover who enjoys reading crime novels in her spare time.

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