Seasonal holidays are a “golden opportunity” for retailers and brands to promote their products and plan strategies to attract more shoppers to their online store. Every year, shoppers are increasingly shifting to online buying, making the scope for online businesses to profit bigger and better.

As the lucrative golden period prevails from Black Friday to post-Christmas eve, this year’s holiday shopping is expected to be more profitable for ecommerce businesses.

How is this holiday season going to be a different milestone for e-commerce?

Ever since the pandemic set its foot in, it has become necessary for people to stay indoors and buy items of daily necessity online. Online purchases and payments have started to soar as people use online platforms to meet their everyday needs. 

According to eMarketer, the ecommerce holiday shopping sales in 2020 increased by 32.5% due to the pandemic, while in-store shopping sales increased by just 2.2%. The ecommerce holiday sales in 2021 are expected to rise by 11.3% to $206.88 billion.

Now that you know there is an excellent opportunity for online shopping during this festive holiday season, let’s understand what retailers can do to capture customers’ attention.

How can retailers capture customer attention during this holiday season?

With the onset of the digital transformation in the ecommerce industry, there are multiple opportunities for retailers to drive successful, technology-backed ecommerce businesses online. The adoption of digital technologies helps promote online selling through futuristic perspectives and a better understanding of customer behavior. 

1. Optimally pricing your products

Setting an online store and displaying the product for customers to purchase will not help profitably drive the business. With the ecommerce business becoming more and more competitive, a retailer should execute an effective competitive strategic plan that captures customer attention towards the online store.

One of the strategies to win over your customers is by selling your products at a competitive price by analyzing the competitor’s pricing. 

How can we help in pricing your products optimally?

With more than two decades of experience in the ecommerce industry, we understand changing dimensions and how competitive the industry is for retailers, sellers, and brands. We offer a competitive intelligence monitoring service to help retailers understand how competitors have priced their products and recommend the best prices for your products.

2. Planning a smart holiday sales strategy 

Since product prices play a significant role in customer buying decisions, promotional offers are an additional yet powerful strategy to capture the attention of price-sensitive customers. Through promotional offers, retailers can reduce the product prices for a short period to boost the ecommerce conversion rates and increase holiday sales.

So, what types of promotional offers can a retailer set to draw customer’s attention towards your products?

  • Buy one get one
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Trade promotions
  • Gifts
  • Reward points and more

How can we help you with this?

We identify and capture the promotional pricing for the required products using our competitive intelligence monitoring solution and provide captured details in different data formats.

3. Displaying detailed product catalogs 

Digital catalogs are an integral part of an ecommerce marketing strategy, and they contain all the information of the product you sell online with images and descriptions. In short, catalogs are the storefront displaying the products and a medium of taking products to customers.

Holiday season shopping for customers means looking through multiple catalogs several times before making the purchase. Therefore, catalogs should be self-explanatory and contain the content and images that inspire customers to purchase the products.

Studies show that customers spend an average time of about 15.5 minutes on catalogs and even spend more time engaging with them.

How can we help with creating digital catalogs?

We capture product information from the customer or any third-party website to create engaging product content and digital assets for the catalogs, optimize and edit the product images to create high-resolution images, and create links for the images.

4. Creating responsive websites and apps 

When you take your retail business online across multiple devices, you must have a website and applications that are user-friendly and provide a good user experience. Shopping through mobile applications has become a trend, and customers find it easy to shop quickly by simply installing the application, creating an account, and choosing the products.

Experts predict that by 2021, over half of the total ecommerce sales will happen through mobile ecommerce applications.

How can we help you in establishing an online store?

We have a team of experienced developers that create responsive websites and applications for businesses. Our team can help build a new online store or improve the existing website’s performance by adding exciting features. We improve the compatibility, add plug-ins and extensions, implement themes, and develop custom applications to take your online ecommerce business to new customers.

5. Adopting the latest technology 

As retail ecommerce is a fast-growing industry among other sectors, it has been an incredible functional landscape for new potential technologies like Augmented Reality.  By adopting the latest technologies, a brand or retailer can provide a better purchasing experience to their customers during holiday shopping. 

AR/VR technology can enable customers to visualize the products and make an in-store purchase but in the virtual world. The Statista report predicts that by 2022, the retail sector will represent about 5 % of the AR and mixed reality software market, and AR in retail will fetch about $80 billion in 2022.

What support can a retailer get from us?

We help retailers create AR product images/videos for their digital catalogs. We get product details like images/diagrams/2D structure and dimensions and create 3D product images to provide a better virtual experience for online store visitors.

6. Conquering all marketplaces 

Besides having a responsive online store or application, optimized product listings are crucial for selling products in marketplaces. Marketplaces are visited by buyers who skim through the same product listed by different sellers and make the final purchasing decision by choosing the product listed by one seller. 

So what drives the buyer to choose a retailers’ product among others? A well-optimized and creativity-infused product catalog will always be the winner. 

How can our offering for the marketplace help you?

Our experts can help you create optimized product listings, create A+ brand content, analyze competitor listings, research relevant product search terms, and infuse the keywords into the product title and descriptions to improve product discoverability.


The holiday season is always competitive for retailers. As the competition becomes more challenging and demanding, a well-planned and effective strategy can always help propel your online ecommerce business.

Make a list of things you wish to implement into your business and take a step towards success with the help of professional support. If you are looking for affordable services or solutions, we have an array of ecommerce services to help you upgrade your business. 


Praiselin is an SEO Content Writer. She is a passionate learner with a knack for technology. She's a movie buff, and an ardent nature lover who enjoys reading crime novels in her spare time.

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