Are you a business owner fretting over why your products aren’t selling on Amazon the way they do on your website? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

To your consumer, the product is only as good as the quality of content associated with it. If that information lacks clarity, has inconsistencies, or is incomplete, purchases get delayed, products get returned, and you lose your consumer’s goodwill and trust.

No, we do not mean just the product descriptions. There are so many peripheral elements like product photos, demos, keywords, etc., that need to be given just as much attention to detail. There is a reason why ‘content is king’.

Promoting products on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay requires a different approach, and with tools like SEOshelf, this becomes a cakewalk. With these expert tips and tricks put together by us, you can rest assured that you will conquer the e-commerce market in no time.

1. Boost your listing with keywords

Amazon works a lot like Google, and if you hit all the right notes (read keywords), you will see unprecedented levels of traffic on your product page. It is essential to focus on the following fields and devise means to infuse keywords for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Product listing title
  • Product description 
  • Product URL

For example, here we have this camera from Sony. The product title itself is so self-explanatory that we do not even need to check the description. They have smartly made sure their key features and keywords are mentioned in the title. This increases the chances of the product being featured on search results multi-fold, thereby increasing sales. 

2. 360-degree visual view

An online shopper does not have the luxury of touching a product and experiencing it for himself. And that is why photos and videos supporting the product are of paramount importance to its sales. Most users say they would even disregard the reviews if the pictures and videos looked appealing. And that is why Amazon has a set of product image guidelines for sellers to follow to boost their revenue and sales.

Invest in a good photographer who can take A-grade photos for you, so your consumers know how serious you are about your brand, your business, and the quality of your services.

3. Play by Amazon’s rules

Amazon’s listing guidelines and requirements are always dynamic and ever-changing. And their search engine is designed in such a way that only those listings that follow the guidelines to the tee are given a higher ranking. Therefore, it is critical to stay on top of it and tailor your content accordingly, so your product is given preference and ranks higher.

Your listing will be top-tier and of the highest quality by adhering to their terms of service, increasing your consumer’s trust and a higher chance of a sales conversion. 

4. Earn your consumer’s trust with Amazon Brand Registry

This works a lot like Instagram’s blue tick, which indicates that it is a verified profile. It immediately earns the customer’s trust, and they will naturally be inclined towards engaging with the brand without apprehensions.

Enrolling your business on Amazon’s brand registry also works the same way. It also has multiple other benefits like access to Amazon storefronts, brand analytics, A+ brand content, headline search ads, proactive brand protection, and their Trademark Violation Tool.

Stats have shown that on average, enrolled brands report a 99% reduction in suspected infringements since the Brand Registry launch.

5. Pay attention to the question-answer section

Sure, Amazon might have a unique algorithm, but the final leg of converting a window shopper into a consumer lies in your hands. Create compelling content and watch your sales boost up like never before. One way to do this is to look at your product’s sales page from a consumer’s perspective.

Analyze and identify the gaps and questions one might have when looking at your page and address the same in the question-answer section. 

6. Reviews and ratings

93% of consumers say that online reviews directly influenced their purchase decisions. And that’s why reviews are incredibly crucial when it comes to maintaining a favourable reputation for your business. They are independent opinions from consumers and can directly impact purchase decisions.

Reading dozens of reviews with a good rating of your product/ services will create a positive online reputation that customers can trust. They are also instrumental in boosting sales and increasing your business’ digital presence. 

Own the Amazon buy box with SEOShelf

We understand that the constantly changing guidelines and rules of Amazon are hard to keep up with. That is why we have a dedicated team to help you maneuver this, so your business and products are given all the limelight they deserve.

Our listing optimization tool will push you to the best spot and ensure consistency as well. Boost your page by a whopping 40-60% with SEOShelf and watch your sales soar with our top-tier Amazon advertising, and convert all your potential customers to loyal buyers.

Want to be the best performing brand on Amazon? Contact us today for a free demo and explore how you can contribute to your business’s success.


Shobana Sridhar is a Content Marketer. She is passionate about the art of storytelling- through her words, her photos and her experiments in the kitchen. She is a designer, travel enthusiast, history geek and an ardent coffee-lover.

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