With millions of customers taking to online e-commerce stores due to the pandemic, businesses like Alibaba, Flipkart, and eBay have been performing better than ever. Of course, the kingpin of e-commerce, Amazon, recorded the most profitable quarter yet, with their revenue having increased 37.4% to a record of $96.15 billion. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, is raking in all the moolah and has risen to become the richest man on the planet as of now. This shows how the pandemic has changed the e-commerce market completely, with all businesses moving online. This paradigm shift has resulted in umpteen new players in the market, making competition for sellers more challenging than ever. 

Why do you need optimizing of content on Amazon at all? 

Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products. Hence, your aim should be to get maximum visibility on Amazon, so buyers notice your product and click on it and buy it. Its thumb rule is to maximize revenue per user, and that is why they regularly update their algorithm according to customer preferences and key business metrics. Optimizing content for Amazon isn’t a one-off single day task. It needs periodical check-ins according to the change in customer trends and market needs and is quite a laborious task. Especially in this pandemic, with all businesses shifting to online mediums like Amazon to make their sales, the competition is more challenging than ever, and your product needs to stand out. 

Wondering how you can be heard over all the noise? SEOshelf has got you covered. Here is the ultimate guide to how you can stay undefeated on Amazon and boost your sales multifold. 

  1. Conquer the A9 algorithm

Amazon works a lot like a search engine, but its product search algorithm differs significantly from Google’s. Amazon’s A9 algorithm has three core factors by which it ranks all products- 

  • Conversion rate
  • Relevancy
  • Customer satisfaction and retention 

This would mean creating an attractive product which is also competitively priced. You need your product to sell itself, so you need to optimize and tailor your content to Amazon’s unique search engine. Also, the happier your customers are, the higher your ranking will be according to the ratings and feedback you receive for your product. 

Pro tip: Good tools are usually optimized to Amazon’s algorithm, which uses keywords to identify your product’s relevance and matches it with the buyer’s search. The most potent keywords based on the search volume are generated and inserted. The tool will also be built with the repricing software, which will help maintain competitive pricing, allowing your product to rank higher. This will, in turn, increase your visibility in connection with Amazon Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and make sure your product listing stays on top.

Here’s the very first search result you get when you search for ‘camera’. The product’s content is simple, to-the-point, crisp, and the information on the title highlights the key attributes of the product. It has got an excellent rating with many reviews to back that up and is priced competitively. This one, we can safely guess, has been making incredible sales on Amazon. 

  1. Create optimal content for your Amazon listing

Since Amazon functions as a search engine, optimizing your content will improve the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and CR (Conversion Rate) for your product. Therefore, creating and enhancing your product content in these primary focus areas should be your goal:

  • Product title
  • Highlights or key attributes of your product
  • Product description
  • Images and videos
  • Keywords
  • Search terms fields

In your product description, highlight your USP, what differentiates you from your competitors and why your customers love your brand. Amazon is a visual online medium- that is the closest customers can get to experience your product before purchasing it is only through the images and videos uploaded by you. Hence, make sure your main thumbnail image is a crowd-puller and is of the highest quality, and looks attractive. Made your customer click on your product? Great, but you’ve not made the sale yet. Upload eye-catching, high-quality additional images as well so customers can get a well-rounded view of your product. This helps boost your sales by nearly 30-40%, resulting in better ranking and visibility. 

Most importantly, make sure you follow Amazon’s style guide to the tee. If you don’t, all your efforts will be in vain as your product might not rank high and would get lost as just one among the others. 

Pro tip: With the right tool in place, you will not need to worry about any of this. A beneficial optimization tool structures the title, key features, and description using potential keywords and categorizes them based on priority. The right tool even picks the photos best suited for your target audience and optimizes them to Amazon’s algorithm accordingly. 

Here’s the same camera that we searched for and its description, features, images & videos section. Keeping in mind the buyer’s persona, which might be an avid photographer, the information is precisely tailored to him/ her and is packed with all the details he/she will need to make a decision. Attractive images that bring the viewer closest to experiencing the camera in real, a product demonstration video of how to use the camera, and even the contents of what is included in the box are all added in the images and videos section. All of these targeted crystal-clear information will further motivate a prospective customer to convert into a buyer. 

  1. Get the best ratings and reviews

Merely listing your product with the right keywords isn’t enough to win your customer’s trust and prove your product’s credibility. To earn this, you will need to urge every customer of yours to leave comments and reviews. 93% of consumers say that online reviews influenced their purchase decisions. This would help convert a potential buyer into a loyal customer. Reviews are critical in determining how you rank on search results. A product with many reviews and ratings can help you jump from page 5 to page 2. So, this is something you certainly need to factor in. But be honest in this process. Amazon’s algorithm is certainly smart enough to distinguish between fake paid reviews and genuine ones. So try and garner as many real and unbiased reviews as possible. This will help in building a loyal customer base in the long run. 

Pro tip: Run campaigns and promotions for your product to garner more ratings and reviews. A useful optimization tool will come pre-equipped with an automated feedback service that will save you the trouble of asking your customers for product reviews. Choose the right tool, and you will be rewarded with ample visibility, aiding in more sales, hence, making room for lots of rave reviews.

Own the buy-box with SEOShelf

Our tool SEOShelf will not only push you to the best spot in the Amazon marketplace, but it will also ensure your consistency. Get noticed by potential customers with our incredible technology that identifies the most potent keywords based on the search volume and its relevance to your products to stay right on top. SEOShelf is also built to give you instant insights on performance by monitoring search visibility, page views, sessions, and keyword tracking. SEOShelf will boost your page views by 40-60% and increase your global footprint. With our tool, you also get to hit the sweet-spot and own the coveted ‘buy-box’ of Amazon. This results in amplified revenue and minimized advertising costs. It’s a clear win-win. 
Want to embark on the journey of becoming a successful business on Amazon today? Request a demo with us to explore how we can contribute to your business.


Shobana Sridhar is a Content Marketer. She is passionate about the art of storytelling- through her words, her photos and her experiments in the kitchen. She is a designer, travel enthusiast, history geek and an ardent coffee-lover.

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