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Today, people prefer adding things to the cart rather than visiting stores. Not just for your regular grocery items, but now increasingly for vehicles, notably cars. We sit at home and research cars through online brand pages before buying one of our choices.

“Hey, check the reviews before you buy that!” – This has become the trending advice of today, and rightly so. Whether it is an electronic gadget or floor cleaner, reading reviews is something that has become second nature to today’s evolved customer.

According to Mckinsey, consumers spend about 15 hours buying a new car. This implies that potential customers are glancing through the reviews much before they visit a showroom. 

Your automobile brand’s online reputation, how customers see you, from aspects like satisfaction, likeability, uniqueness, and more, impacts the customers’ final purchase decision in a big way. Reviews, ratings, and online conversations about your brand make your reputation more tangible, and Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the best way to measure and control this.

Role of Online Brand Reputation Management

Wondering what Online Reputation Management is? Let’s explore. ORM captures and analyzes what impression a customer has about your brand, service, or product through their responses. An Online Reputation Management solution improves your brand and business visibility online. ORM helps highlight your brand’s positive reviews, automate responses to customer reviews, and ultimately boost sales.

How an ORM solution contributes to automotive online reputation management

“It’s my dream car. What’s yours?” 

Owning a car is a big decision. In fact, we all have our “dream cars, don’t we? So, we think at least thrice or even more before buying a car of our choice. Today, vehicle buyers use online websites as their primary source of information on vehicles and dealerships. They often rely entirely on the online car reviews on the brand page and trust what they come across. Here are 5 tips to make the most of your online reputation management.

  1. Give accurate information: It’s crucial to ensure that the information provided on multiple online listings like Zigwheels, Rushlane, Cars24, Facebook, Google, and more are accurate and up-to-date. Website initiatives like dedicated blog pages on car-related topics must contain truthful information around the product and the purchase process, regular maintenance tips, common car problems, and solutions to fix them. A uniform display of information across the sites helps with your search rankings and increases customer traffic to your business. Any bit of incorrect information can easily prevent a customer from buying a car from you. 
  1. Adapt to the times: In light of Covid-19, people prefer traveling in their cars over public transport, and car sales have increased in the last few months. A great way to ensure you don’t miss out on this trend is to enable virtual interactions in place of face-to-face conversations and ensure customers mention this in their online reviews.
  1. Focus on customer service: If there’s one thing that leaves a lasting impression on a customer, it is the support experience they get. Stay on-trend through chatbots for real-time support and highly hands-on support. Don’t forget to encourage customer testimonials at the end of every (positive!) interaction.
  1. Respond to negative reviews: Monitoring conversations around your brand is one thing; responding to them is quite another. Do you know how to deal and respond to negative reviews? An effective ORM solution can sift through massive amounts of conversation to highlight your brand’s negative reviews and give you a sentiment analysis across various online sources. A well-written response to any negative feedback can be both professional and effective. It may even help change your customer’s mindset and persuade them to give your brand another try. The primary agenda in responding to reviews is to show that you care about customer satisfaction and make them feel heard. 
  1. Communicate consistently: People are different in their tastes and preferences. Customers come up with different opinions and expectations. So you must respond and show what new services are available from your end to provide them a better experience. Our solution has a dynamic dashboard consisting of various vital metrics that monitor the reviews easily and quickly. Read this to know how we helped an automobile manufacturer reach an 80% reputation and a 100%  response rate from 37%.’s end-to-end ORM solution

Our ORM solution helps you take timely actions, combat negative reviews, and resolve your customer needs, allowing you to improve the search results ranking. To keep up a cheerful face on the Internet, you must frequently engage with customer reviews and resolve their problem if they are facing one. This effort from your side will get noticed by the customers and benefit your automotive business in the long run. 

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