Internet penetration has created a paradoxical situation that, although there’s abundant information publicly available, it is often difficult to get relevant information out of the clutter.

Media monitoring solutions have been around for a long time, but the ability of these solutions is just to pull in the information from the web, relevant or not. The information from these platforms is so overwhelming to consume to demonstrate a real value to the users.

Mobius Knowledge Services, our parent company, addresses data needs in totality for global companies for more than two decades now. We found that the demand for curated information for the business grew as finding and extracting the relevant information out of the clutter is a perennial problem. 

We knew we needed to pivot, and that is how Uptime was born to change the way businesses make decisions with the information. 

Why Uptime?

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple we wanted to empower businesses that struggle to source and identify relevant noise-free information on a large scale.

A CXO who needs to track market trends and updates on the competitive landscape of the industry.

Consultants scouring through thousands of webpages to solve complex business problems of client’s changing business needs.

Hundreds of market researchers toiling through millions of websites and social media handles for research information.

An enterprise that needs to continuously monitor information on various news and topics for clean machine-readable data for various downstream processes.

To source and extract these information on a large scale, especially when considering how dynamic each website is, deploying a one-size-fits-all web scraping solution wouldn’t do the justice to providing clean data feeds from disparate sources. 

At Mobius, we have been eating our own dog food in aggregating information across websites with our AI-powered sourcing engine. We apply specialized data research and aggregation expertise that we have gained over the years to bring contextually relevant information to our customers. 

Who’s behind Uptime

The people behind Uptime is a tight-knit multicultural diverse team with complementary skills and a belief that bringing the right information at the right time helps businesses go a long way. 

Our roots sprout from the SaaS hub of Tamilnadu, Chennai, and our distributed workgroups are spread across different parts of the world, getting things done working at the comforts of pajamas (okay, unless we are not on a customer conference call).

It all started with a brainstorming session we had over a cup of coffee.

“Our raison d’etre for building Uptime is that it can be a game-changer for businesses that seek a customizable solution to solve complex information challenges,”

says our CEO, fondly called KK.

And that was the exact moment we knew we were already entering the new phase to build this.

We are a bunch of vibrant self-starting people: data gurus who are also football freaks, thought leaders who are also ardent gamers, and tech geeks who also believe Pinnachio is real. Here are the people behind the research, strategy, purpose, and growth of Uptime.

“If we can give businesses the information they need in a way that could minimize 80% of their manual work, we are already halfway there,” says our product solutions head, Jithesh, who thinks every move of Uptime with meditative excellence.

 “This could redefine the way businesses discover information,” adds Naren, who is always on the lookout for solving user problems with innovative design thinking practices. 

Krithika drives product marketing, implementing and experimenting strategies for Uptime with Raja, a strong proponent for data-driven decision-making, leading our fast-paced marketing team. Dinesh serves as a bridge to align our product goals to the users, and Nandini drives our whiz-bang team of product engineers. 

You can always find our teams developing new modules and functions all the time to power businesses with structured data to make informed decisions. 

Praveen implements the best solution practices for every customer’s needs, and Prabhu is passionate about solving customer problems.

One common thread binds us all; we are all set to bridge the gap between businesses and their search for information. 

Finding Uptime’s first user

The first user was from one of our projects seeking a solution to track over 20,000 companies for information regarding bankruptcy and litigation from press releases and news feeds for their financial risk and compliance division. 

What started as a DaaS (Data as a service) was then conceived to an intuitive UI for easy assimilation of information. Eventually, it grew into a solution to solve information challenges for enterprises. With innovation and AI at our core, we continue to evolve along with technology to tackle industry-specific challenges.

Every information that you need is publicly available, but how do you get the best use out of it is the question.

I count myself lucky to be a part of building this incredible product.

Read more about our media monitoring platform here. To see it in action and how it can help your business, request a demo today.


Krithika is a strategic product marketer and drives product success right from ideation-MVP-growth. She loves to explore the reason for the human condition. Outside of work, you can spot her enjoying the sound of waves washing up on the shore or can be found strolling around with her furry friends.

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