Location intelligence is indispensable for businesses striving to make data-driven decisions using spatial information. By harnessing real-time data, audience insights, and advanced attribution capabilities, advertisers can optimize the impact of their out-of-home (OOH) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaigns. Utilizing location data and insights empowers these companies to fine-tune their campaigns, improve audience targeting, and maximize the overall effectiveness of their advertising endeavors. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how location analytics can unlock new opportunities for OOH and DOOH companies.

Utilizing location intelligence

With the use of location intelligence, businesses and companies may operate effectively. For example, Google Maps uses location intelligence to show users pictures of places they’re interested in. Google Photos uses location intelligence to show users pictures they took in specific locations. Geospatial solutions can help OOH and DOOH companies deliver targeted messages, select optimal advertising sites, and measure the impact of their campaigns with precision. By harnessing the power of location data, these companies can supercharge their advertising efforts and drive tangible results. For instance, by analyzing location data, companies can identify areas with high sales potential and allow businesses to engage customers based on their real-time physical location.

Implementing dynamic creative optimization

Location intelligence is instrumental in site selection for OOH and DOOH advertising. Companies can identify optimal sites aligning with their target audience and campaign objectives using precise polygon data, including geofences and other location boundaries. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is another area where spatial intelligence can significantly impact. OOH and DOOH companies can deliver active and personalized advertisements by combining location data with real-time advertising technology. DCO enables them to customize ad content based on the viewer’s location, demographics, and other relevant factors.

For instance, Trainline implemented location-based DOOH strategies using Dynamic’s SmartContent platform, which involved integrating a personalized data feed with current train journey offers and availabilities at different train stations. Through strategic placement of digital screens, Trainline presented tailored creatives to passengers, highlighting the most pertinent offers based on location and timing. As a result, passengers make well-informed choices, maximizing the benefits of available offers during their travel.

Assisting data-driven decisions

By utilizing location intelligence solutions, companies can access real-time location data and derive actionable insights. By harnessing location data, OOH and DOOH companies can uncover new opportunities and execute campaigns with greater precision and impact.

For example, Vistar Media, a leading programmatic out-of-home (OOH) advertising provider, has partnered with a location intelligence platform to reach its target audiences more effectively and make data-driven decisions to improve its OOH campaigns. These collaborations clearly show us the increasing importance of location analytics in the advertising industry. Xtract.io offers a robust location intelligence platform that empowers businesses to determine sales potential, understand the competitive landscape, and leverage location-based marketing.

Enhancing hyper-targeting

Geotargeting and hyper-targeting are powerful techniques made possible through location intelligence. Geotargeting involves delivering advertisements to specific geographic areas. Hyper-targeting takes geotargeting a step further by combining location data with additional variables like interests, behavior, and demographics and enables businesses to target specific consumer segments within those areas

For example, Seaoil, a fuel company based in the Philippines, utilized programmatic DOOH and location-based messages to increase the number of station visitors. By offering personalized information using real-time traffic data, they successfully captured the attention of drivers and achieved remarkable outcomes. Their hyper-targeting approach led to an impressive 1,682,381 potential views. It reached 164,142 unique individuals, demonstrating the significant potential of hyper-targeting in driving specific actions, such as encouraging visits to nearby locations or websites. By leveraging mobile location data and precise location targeting, OOH and DOOH companies can deliver highly relevant and personalized advertisements to their desired audience.

Optimising campaign effectiveness

Measuring campaign effectiveness is essential for OOH and DOOH companies to gauge the success of their advertising efforts. Location intelligence enables them to evaluate the campaigns by analyzing footfall, audience engagement, and conversion rates. By leveraging location analytics and data-driven insights, companies can refine their campaigns, optimize ad placements, and improve overall effectiveness.

QuickChek, a leading retail food services provider in New York, strategically utilized location data to enhance its DOOH campaigns. By tailoring ad placements based on the store’s location, they enticed potential customers effectively. For instance, high-traffic areas featured ads for new products, while residential zones showcased special grocery offers. This smart approach resulted in an 83% increase in foot traffic and a notable 15% boost in sales, contributing to QuickChek’s continued success in the competitive market. This iterative approach leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) and better utilization of advertising resources.


Remember, location intelligence is not just about where your ads are displayed—it’s about understanding your audience, making informed decisions, and delivering targeted messages that resonate with customers in the right place at the right time. Adopting location analytics transforms traditional OOH advertising methods, allowing personalized and data-driven campaigns that resonate with consumers. Get started now and elevate your advertising game to new heights! Visit Xtract.io‘s website to explore their location intelligence solutions and unlock the full potential of your advertising campaigns.


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