“Ok, Google. Mexican restaurants near me”

How often have we made our life easier with just a click and voice note? Very often, right. This is what POI data aims to do for people – delivering the right message at the right time to the right consumer. With businesses evolving every single day, unlocking the full potential of POI data has become the primary goal of every business.

“Data is everywhere” quote can’t be more true. However, the point to note is “good data cannot be everywhere”. In today’s data-centric world, gleaning knowledge from good data is challenging. Inaccurate, bad, and unusable data flows around the internet like a gush of waves in the sea and if used, can have a lasting impact on your business – from customer experience to profit and revenue.

According to research by Gartner, poor data quality costs a business about $15 million per year on an average. In this post, we will discuss five major factors to consider before buying POI data and use them as a checklist to avoid falling into the bad data trap.

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