It is important to run fast to be the first. End of the day, it’s all about the smart work that helps rather than the hard work.Guess what I am talking about? The recent eCommerce race that COVID has created.

Retailers are bombarding online marketplaces to sell their products by hook or crook. In fact, the crowd is expected to increase during this holiday season. As far as eCommerce is concerned, we would say, you’d win only if you’re visible. And yes, only if promptly visible.

Just so you’re visible to every eye, we introduce to you, SEOShelf, a marketplace SEO solution for amazon and other marketplaces that can help you increase your global visibility.

Now, how does SEOShelf benefit you and your business? Our solution is a smart eCommerce SEO tool that helps vendors, retailers, and others rank their products in the first place for a search, thereby boosting the sales multi-fold.

Why should you care about marketplace SEO?

There are high chances that your visitors will search for the products on the online selling platforms. Now, it is important that your items appear in the top list.

Content marketing is the most effective SEO, say 72% of online marketers. 

Wrong or missing information only turns off the buyers. Besides that, they may not trust you anymore. Hence marketing your product with the right content is crucial.

The total eCommerce sale will reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

If the same pace continues for a year, this number will not be a surprise at all. Yet, how are you preparing to stand apart in the crowd? 

57% of B2B trust that SEO drives more sales.

Need we say anymore?

Five reasons to not miss SEOShelf

  1. Rank your products in the top spots on Amazon, eBay, etc. which drives you more conversion. 
  2. Minimize the advertising cost of sales and with insights right out of the marketplace.
  3. Own the Amazon buy box which is something not every retailer or vendor bags easily. 
  4. Increase your global presence marking your footprints anywhere at any time.
  5. Boost your page views by 40-60%.

Wish to save your time and manpower?

Here’s how to do it. 

  • Product listing analysis

Checking whether the product listing is in accordance with every platform could be painstaking. SEOShelf analyses your listing for platforms like amazon and helps maintain relevance with all the major online market platforms.

  • Keyword screening

Keywords play a powerful role in ranking your products in the first place for any search list. Using SEOShelf, you can get the top searched keywords and optimize your content only for those keywords. This narrows down your targets and pockets them perfectly.

  • Keyword monitoring

Proper keyword monitoring is required so you know which one performs well and what needs to be changed. SEOShelf watches search visibility, page views, sessions, and also does keyword tracking.

Ready to win?

Every race requires you have the essential tools at your disposal to get into it. We give you tailored analytics that ranks you atop. Chances are, you could be the most selling vendor on any chosen online marketplace. If you have the vision then we have all that it needs. Why not give it a try?

Visit us here or register for a demo.


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