Over the last few years, Xtract.io has been consistently adding new categories in its database, LocationsXYZ. With POI data for 2 industries initially, we now have data for 100+ diverse industries in our repository. Today, we are proud owners of 5M+ accurate, handcrafted, and precise POI data. 

In this journey, we realize the importance of public utility points-of-interests that can help the government sector in urban planning, aid health care industries in building hospitals at the right location, improve retail sales with the right positioning of stores, and many more. In this blog, we explore more about public utility, its types, and use cases. 

What are public utility POIs and what’s new?

Public utility POI data consists of buildings, stores, and common locations used by the public. From hospitals to schools to amusement parks, any commonplace whose services are leveraged by the population falls under public utility POIs. 

We’ve added 19 new categories in the Public Utility class, for 47 new regions. Yes, that’s a lot. Isn’t it? Right, Xtract.io now has 60K+ new POI data across different regions and categories. 

47 new regions include the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Netherlands, and many more.

All these POIs include Name, Address, City, Zip code, Phone Number, Website, and Latitude & Longitude details to derive better insights.

Top 3 use cases of public utility data 

  • Infrastructure planning 

POI data has numerous ways to convert a city into a Smart City. Government sectors can use the location data of these public utilities to plan better infrastructure in the city. For example, transport facilities such as bus or train stations can be made available near the most crowded places such as malls, religious centers, etc. The bank can position its ATM booth near a residential or commercial place, while amusement parks can be built near schools or kids’ play areas. 

Public utility POI data also helps telecom companies to deploy networks stations around crowded areas such as housing society instead of a lesser crowded place such as historic landmarks.  

  • Site Selection

Whether you are a retail store owner or a real estate business firm, a perfect site is a gold rush for your sales. Validating a site based on its mobility, weather conditions, target audience, and competitor presence is essential to plan marketing strategies. For example, a book store in an airport is much more useful than near a movie theatre. Retail datasets have helped brands improve their analytics based on the target audience. 

Public data help brands to enhance the customer experience and also grab the opportunities that the competitors might have missed. Xtract.io, with its 60K+ new POI data, aims to help businesses to grow their presence and sales. 

  • Inspection and Maintenance 

Based on weather conditions in a particular location such as flooding, forest fires, air pollution, etc. government and associated companies can inspect the affected areas and create strategies to recover from them. Environmental agencies can devise early warning mechanisms and mitigation efforts to assess risks and inform the concerned authorities. For example, Harbors and Ports can be identified and informed before any water calamity such as a flood occurs. 

It also helps ecommerce companies, and food delivery brands to inspect the best optimal route to deliver their products in the fastest possible time. For example, if there is any construction work in a particular location, these companies can re-route and opt for a better route to deliver goods and food to the customer quickly. 

The utility sector is one of the expanding sectors in the world and the right location data provides spatial dimension to utility management. Reliable geographic location data helps in improving the infrastructure of the country, thereby increasing the quality of life. To access the latest location data under this category, visit the Xtract website to download sample and get a free demo


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